Yoga is not just for Women

There has been a positive shift towards yoga and men of late and I am so pleased to see so many reaping the benefits of a regular practice.

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•What motivated you to sign up for yoga classes?

My return to Yoga was prompted by a life change, I needed to find balance in my life and rebuild myself.

•Past yoga experience

I had practiced Yoga on and off over a twenty year period, however previously as a couples activity. Hatha Yoga

•How you feel yoga has helped you?

Yoga has created a moment in my day to look at myself both physically and mentally. Initially the changes and benefits were of focussing my thoughts, calming my mind and allowing me to breath fully and deeply. Then came the physical, the rebuilding of the body, the combination of increased flexibility and controlled strength. Holding poses such as warrior one, tree pose and now dancers pose has benefited my boxing training and distance running.

•Your personal beliefs about yoga

Yoga is for everyone, young and older, male and female, like Tai Chi it may seem ’soft’ or ‘girly’ perhaps but you try and hold ‘dancers pose’ for half a minute and see had you go. Like any challenge or activity it’s about how you frame it in your mind, if you enter with the right mindset and motivation (your energy) then Yoga will return it’s positive energy upon you.

•Your experience at YogaNess

Really it was YogaNess that finally made Yoga click for me, the openNess and acceptance of all that find this place is a big factor. Previous places of practice for me were too focussed on developing the ‘Warrior Woman’ and neglected the male participants. YogaNess has a very balanced acceptance of all, you don’t have to worry about how you look, you level of ability or age. Everyone is there for their own reasons and purpose. Over the past two years of regular attendance, I’ve seen more guys in class both young and like me… less young! Come on blokes have a crack!