Sunday Yin

Spring is a time of renewal, welcoming the opportunity to begin again. By bringing new energy into the light we can let go and embrace the opportunity to shed old unwanted layers and make a conscious choice to start again.

Join Ness for a nourishing 90 minute Yin practice. ALL levels welcome ( no previous experience needed )

Student Testimonials;

Blown away, loved every second. Floated out on a cloud

Fab class. Your Yin is my favourite

When : Sunday 8th Sept
Time : 4pm
Your investment : $30 prepaid
$24 for current membership holders ( DD ) 

Gong Sound Meditation

A Gong Sound Meditation is a deeply powerful experience. For some it can even be life-changing. As sound from the Gong penetrates through the whole body it impacts the brain waves, respiratory system and heart function. A deep reverberating sound pulsates the body through resonance to help calm the mind, body and regulate the immune system. Sound therapy can assist with;
*Chronic Stress and Fatigue
*Anxiety & Depression
*People who find it hard to meditate
*For physical and emotional blockages
*For a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation
*Sleep issues

My name is Leith James, I am a Certified Sound Practitioner (CSP), with a diploma in Group Sound Therapy from the British Academy of Sound Therapy and I have been an active teacher and Sound Practitioner for the past 10 years.
I play music through a range of ancient instruments including Gongs, Didgeridoo (Yidaki), Himalayan & Crystal singing bowls to help people relax their mind, body and soul through sound and music. Come on a Gong journey with me and experience the transformational power of sound. I am truly passionate about my craft and have seen first-hand the significant benefits people gain from my Gong Sound Meditation events.

When : Friday 20th Sept 2019
Time : 6.30pm – 8pm
Your investment : $45 ( non refundable )

Essential Oils


Here at YogaNess we diffuse a combination of beautiful essential oils to create a calming experience as soon as you step through the door. Essential oils have the ability to affect mood and energy. 
A hint of peppermint or citrus can invigorate an early morning practice, while lavender and frankincense have a more calming effect and pair well with our Stretch & Release ( Yin ) and Reset & Restore ( Restorative ) practices.
A great yoga class is an experience from the moment you enter the room until the moment you leave. 
Experience the difference for yourself 

Yin & Restorative available at YogaNess

The benefits of slowing down in your practice can be felt on and off the mat… Reset & Restore ( Restorative ) or Stretch & Release ( Yin ) are a great compliment to your more active practice. The simplicity of our practice allows us to return to our bodies and to see clearly just how remarkable we really are. This heightened awareness of our bodies ultimately moves us closer to contentment. 
Learn to slow down, mind, body and soul.
Stretch & Release every Monday @5.30pm 
Reset & Restore every Thursday @7.15pm

Student Testimonial

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For the longest time I thought it was a real joke that yoga could help your well being. I have just recently started again going once a week and will start 2 or 3 times a week. To say it has helped me is a understatement. My back has never felt better and my mental health is so much better. I wont lie depression and anxiety took me down there for a while, I was not in a great place. When people keep letting you down or dragging you down, it takes its toll. At least once a week I stop, I breathe and just live in that moment. I always know if I miss a class because anxiety takes over.
Cannot recomend YogaNess enough, her classes are amazing! It changed my world! 😍
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Student Testimonial

Restorative Yoga from a student’s perspective:

Restorative yoga has bent around to meet my various needs at different times over the past 2 years. I am not a slight woman, nor a fit one, but restorative works for me and my body.
Those days where work is mentally tough, restorative is the place to rest my whirring brain/thoughts. It is my self-care to dedicate the time to ensure I end my day in a positive way and I leave feeling refreshed every time. At times where my body is feeling broken from, you know, general life, the supportive props of restorative help stretch and relax tight and achy muscles. I did restorative throughout my whole pregnancy up until the very very last week without an issue and looked forward to it every Thursday. I look back on the time as quite special as while you’re in the quiet room and in the present moment, you feel bub move around and can’t help but feel a loving connection.

Ness is amazing in the way that she supports your body as well as your mind. I would only have to mention the aches or pains to her and she would offer suggestions on how to adapt the positions to best support me. It’s the session where you can rock up to in old trackies, socks and a hoodie and just….be.

– Kate L