How does vulnerability sit with you?
To be seen and heard?
Does it stop you from showing up?
Stepping into uncertainty?
To be vulnerable takes courage and for so long I was afraid to share my passion, in fear of judgment.
That I was not good enough.
Donā€™t look back at life with regret for not being vulnerable and stepping into your power.
Show up, be seen, because your worth it

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Sunday Yin in January

Melt into yourself and explore your inner landscape in this spacious 90 minute class with Ness…
When you let go of control and surrender your resistance, surrender the fight, you become lighter.
When you become lighter, you can feel the breath of life flow through you.
You have the power to manifest your best self.
A practice with long holds and a long Savasana to soothe your body. Increase mobility, release tension and re-balance your nervous system. A great compliment to your more active practice.
When: Sunday 31st JanuaryĀ 
Time: 4:30pm startĀ 


Pre-Natal Yoga Series


Pre-natal yoga

I believe that the more intimately you know yourself, the better you feel. As you transition into motherhood there are so many things that demand your attention.
This is a place where you can just be and receive. Taking time for yourself, to unplug and recharge. Ā 
Prenatal yoga is a safe way to keep your body and mind relaxed whilst moving through the trimesters. We will focus on stretching, strengthening and stabilising the muscles to decrease, pain and nausea. Maintaining flexibility, improving sleep quality and having a holistic approach to preparing you for an empowered birth. Ā 
You will learn about the changes happening internally and externally, while incorporating mindfulness and breathing techniques, so that you can feel centred, calm and deeply trusting of your own intuition and body.

These classes help you to embrace each stage of your pregnancy, feel supported and create a deeper bond with your baby.

Your teacher ā€“ Franki is currently 28 weeks pregnant and looking forward to helping you enjoy your pregnancy journey as much as possible.

This is a 4 week term with TWO options a week. Attend one or both classes commencing Monday 14th December ( paused over our Chrissy break )

Monday’s at 6:45pm

Wednesday’s at 4:45pmĀ 

$100.00 for 1 class a week

$140.00 for 2 classes a weekĀ 

One On One

Canā€™t find a class that fits your schedule?
Want to tailor a class to a specific issue, or goal?
Our ā€˜privateā€™ classes are One on One and tailored to YOU
A chance to focus on personal goalsĀ 
Work around your scheduleĀ 
Working with a yoga teacher one-on-one can truly deepen your practiceĀ 
Reach out to Ness Ā