Pre-Natal Yoga Series


Pre-natal yoga

I believe that the more intimately you know yourself, the better you feel. As you transition into motherhood there are so many things that demand your attention.
This is a place where you can just be and receive. Taking time for yourself, to unplug and recharge.  
Prenatal yoga is a safe way to keep your body and mind relaxed whilst moving through the trimesters. We will focus on stretching, strengthening and stabilising the muscles to decrease, pain and nausea. Maintaining flexibility, improving sleep quality and having a holistic approach to preparing you for an empowered birth.  
You will learn about the changes happening internally and externally, while incorporating mindfulness and breathing techniques, so that you can feel centred, calm and deeply trusting of your own intuition and body.

These classes help you to embrace each stage of your pregnancy, feel supported and create a deeper bond with your baby.

Your teacher – Franki is currently 25 weeks pregnant and looking forward to helping you enjoy your pregnancy journey as much as possible.

This is a 4 week term with TWO options a week. Attend one or both classes commencing Monday 16th November 

Monday’s at 6:45pm

Wednesday’s at 4:45pm 


Healing Sound Immersions & Sister Circles

Join Franki next Wednesday at 7:15pm as she begins to offer TWO amazing experiences every Wednesday night leading up to Christmas.

“Healing Sound Immersion”

This experience will be magical and nourishing. A musical journey, weaving together vocals and instruments including Tibetan singing bowls, koshi bells, native American flute and more.

Franki creates powerful sounds and harmony to move you through blocks and into a deep relaxation where you can explore the depths of your soul and connect to the universal energy.
You need not wander any further, here is a place of healing and love.

Secure your mat 

“Sister’s Circle” Wednesday 18th Nov at 7:15pm

This is for women to come together and connect. Each circle will be a different theme. You will get to explore conscious conversation, card reading, sound healing and more. So you feel light, confident and supported.

If you’re seeking more meaningful friendships in your life and want a place where you can let go and truly be yourself..
Well Darling, this is for you!

This is a safe and welcoming space where you’re free to share as much, or as little as you want to. No judgement, no expectation, no criticism. You can show up free of obligation or pressure.

Secure your sacred place 

Making the time for YOU leading ups to Christmas 

Saturday Yoga…. Yes please!

Need a little more yoga in your life? Saturday’s are your fave time to honour your self care needs?
Introducing ‘Flow’ with Franki
Saturday’s at 7:30am commencing Oct 31st
The sequences are dynamic & intuitive. Combining strong and restful poses with breathe.
Which means you can take your time, work to your level, use props and receive guidance.
Here’s what some students have to say;
– “great technical cues“ “friendly relaxed atmosphere” “amazing singing voice”
Just letting you know that I thought today’s yoga class was really lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I would most definitely return to one of her classes.

One On One

Can’t find a class that fits your schedule?
Want to tailor a class to a specific issue, or goal?
Our ‘private’ classes are One on One and tailored to YOU
A chance to focus on personal goals 
Work around your schedule 
Working with a yoga teacher one-on-one can truly deepen your practice 
Reach out to Ness